YooWe Bacanora, Lote 3 (47,3%, 70cl)

YooWe Bacanora, Lote 3 (47,3%, 70cl)

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El viejo, el Sabio - Meaning the old man, the wise man.

Is a Bacanora from Alamos in Sonora. The agave was cooked underground with oak and mesquite and fermented with wild yeasts. The juice is then distilled by Maestro Ramón Miranda in stainless and copper stills twice before bottling. This lot (nr 3) produced 150 bottles and we are lucky enough to have 2. 

Bacanora, a Mezcal made in the state of Sonora, bordering Arizona in the north and Baja California in the west. Bacanora got it's own DO (aoc) in 2004, and one of few things that differs to the Mezcal law (nom) is that Bacanora has to be made of 100% Agave Angustifolia, while Mezcal can in the worst cases be made from only 51% Agave.



Maguey: 100% Agave Pacifica, Angustifolia Haw
Mezcalero: Roberto Contreras
Location: Rancho Tepúa, Municipality of Aconchi, Sonora
Elevation: Roughly 600 meters
Production Date: 01/2016
Batch Size: 438 Liters
Oven: Brick oven underground, fired by wood
Milling: Chilean mill pulled by a horse
Fermentation: Natural fermentation for 8-10 days with local spring water
Destillation: Double distilled in stainless steel potstill with copper coil
Mixability: Easy
Notes: Rested on glass demijohns for 155 days before bottling.

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