Yerbasanta Vermut Rosso Amazónico, Bolivia (16%, 90cl)

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Yerbasanta Vermut Rosso Amazónico,16%

Yerbasanta is the first Bolivian vermouth made from high altitude wine and botanicals

natives obtained in indigenous communities and spaces of natural interest, in a

fair and responsible, based on the management plans established by the WCS (Wildlife

Conservation Society). 3500 meters above sea level. 

The label and recipe of each of the three versions conceived

is inspired by a book of Bolivian literature with a bitter or tragic argument about its

protagonists, as a metaphor or analogy of the characteristic flavor of vermouth; a wine

eminently bitter sweet.

Its three flavors are: Yerbasanta Coca Extra Dry, Yerbasanta Blanco Andino, Yerbasanta Rosso Amazónico

Tasting Notes:

Color - deep red

Nose - fruity with a citrus note

Taste - sweet and bitter with a tropical fruit and an earthy undertone