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Sauc, Vermut Rojo, Spain (15%, 75cl)

Sauc, Vermut Rojo, Spain (15%, 75cl)

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Sauc Rojo 15%

Malvasía base wine with 1 year of aging in wood and with candle in 500-liter barrels. Macerated for 50 days, according to a traditional recipe from 1890, with absinthe and 40 botanicals from the Sierra Mariola (many of them planted in the winery), in addition to 20 exotic vegetables; headed to get 15 degrees and rounded with burnt sugar and the ripe fruit of the Saüc from the winery, collected in July 2017. Made in Alicante, Spain in the parc natural de la serra de mariola. A National park in the southern spain close to the mediteratian sea. By the Celler de la Muntanya winery. The goal of the winery is: We are a pioneer company in the Smallholder movement, whose mission consists of: rescuing abandoned vineyards and restoring and replanting native vineyards; remunerate producers fairly for their work; promote ourselves by the hand of the culture of the land where the grapes are born and be related to education.

Tasting Notes:

Appearance: Old mobila wood color.
Nose: Powerful aroma, with elegant, complex and friendly fragrances of mugwort, marjoram, cloves, sage, lemon verbena and helm among others.

Taste: Endless end with caramelized sweetness along with an intrepid and balanced bitterness.

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