Rio Revuelto Espadin Mezcal, Miahuatlan (47.9%, 70cl)

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Rio Revuelto is the brainchild between the Producer Rámon Cruz and renown  Oaxacan chef, Alejandro Ruíz. They started out with only one Mezcalero, Rámon and two expressions of Mezcal, Espadin and Ensamble, both are a fantastic representation of the terroir from Miahuatlan. Somewhat recently they brought on another producer for the the Espadin, from San Luis del Rio.
We bumped in to this Mezcal at various locations in Mexico, and always thought it was a very good mezcal, but that it would most likely never make it to Europe, so we didn’t think too much of it. Until one day at a Mezcal convention I ran in to Carlos, a preacher from Oaxaca, now living in Madrid. Had had brought with him a pallet and we shook hands.

Maguey: Espadin, Agave Angustifolia Haw
Mezcalero: Rámon Cruz
Location: Miahuatlan de Porfidio Diaz, Oaxaca
Elevation: Roughly 1650 meters
Production Date: 2015
Batch Size: ?
Oven: conical oven underground, fired by wood. Cooking time 4-5 days
Milling: Elecrtic Shredder
Fermentation: Natural fermentation in Wooden Vats
Destillation: Doube distilled in 250L Copper Pots
Mixability: Don't
Notes: Fresh, Fruity and ready to get down. This Karwinskii is said to be of great sexual power.

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