Mezcalosfera, Spirit Distilled from 100% Agave, Mexicano 2022, Berta Vasquéz (47%, 50cl)

Mezcalosfera, Spirit Distilled from 100% Agave, Mexicano 2022, Berta Vasquéz (47%, 50cl)

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Get ready to meet the mastermind behind this bottle, the fantastic and multi-talented Maestra Berta Vasquez. As a single mother, grandmother, and now great-grandmother, she effortlessly balances the roles of both mother and father to her five children. Berta usually plucks the agaves herself from her own land, but sometimes teams up with her brother to produce the mezcal. Her Palenque (distillery) is open to all, and she loves to entertain with stories of her journey to becoming the first female mezcal producer in her family. At 66 years young, Berta still has plenty of energy and passion to share with the world! Get ready to experience hints of fresh mint and spicy flavors with a touch of earthiness from her latest creation.



    Maguey: A.rhodacanta (Maguey Mexicano) 20-27 years
    Mezcaler@s: Maestro Berta Vasquéz
    Location: San Baltazar Chichicapam, Oaxaca
    Elevation: 1600m
    Production Date: 2022
    Batch Size: 250L
    Oven: Truncated conical earthen oven
    Milling: Stone wheel crushed (Tahona)
    Fermentation: Fermented in open-air sabino barrels with natural yeast using well water 
    Destillation: Double-distilled in Filipino style copper pot still (no water added)


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