La Venenosa Raicilla Sierra Occidental, Lote 20 (42%, 70cl)

La Venenosa Raicilla Sierra Occidental, Lote 20 (42%, 70cl)

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Raicilla is debated to be one of the longest produced spirits in the world. It doesn’t differ all that much from Mezcal, in fact it ones was a Mezcal. Due to restrictions in the law we have today, Mezcal from the state of Jalisco can not legally be called Mezcal, so it was easier to stick to name of the tax-avoiding moonshine it is. Raicilla as a name came about in the late 1700s as a way to avoid sky rocketing taxes on Mezcal. La Venenosa is the first commercially available brand of Raicilla available in Europe. that being said, these batches are very small, and all labels are from different producers.

Maguey: 100% Wild Agave Maximiliana
Mezcalero: Don Ruben Peña Fuentes
Location: Mascota, Sierra Occidental, Jalisco
Elevation: Roughly 2500 meters
Production Date: 04/2016
Batch Size: 900 Bottles
Oven: Adobe, above ground. Looks a little like a wood fire pizza oven.
Milling: Mechanic mill
Fermentation: Natural fermentation in Oak Vats
Destillation: Single distilled in stainless steel alembic
Mixability: medium
Notes: Single distillation is a real beauty


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