Fortaleza Blanco Tequila, 100% Agave, Still Strength (46%, 70cl)

Fortaleza Blanco Tequila, 100% Agave, Still Strength (46%, 70cl)

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This distillery is the work of Guillermo Sauza, who retained part of the original plot of land that was sold to the brand now known as Sauza. Starting from 1999, he began to produce tequilas made with traditional methods and has become a favourite amongst those who come across it. Stepping into this place next to the original wooden vats and the heavily used tahona gives one a sense of the history behind the smoothness and distinct mineral complexity of the liquids produced here. Originally named to honour it's forefathers, the Sauza family continues it's legacy under the name Fortaleza. Salud Familia Sauza!
Master distiller: Efren & Jaime
Location: Tequila, Jalisco
Nom: 1493
Elevation: 1200m
Lot: 23-S
Oven: Stone/brick
Milling: Mechanically driven Tahona
Fermentation: Open wooden vats (4 days)
Distillation: Copper pot still, double distilled

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