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Derrumbes Destilado de Agave, Cupreata, Guerrero (45.6%, 70cl)

Derrumbes Destilado de Agave, Cupreata, Guerrero (45.6%, 70cl)

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This exquisite and elusive mezcal hails from the deep territories of Guerrero, from the province of Coyuca de Catalán. But what makes it truly special is its rarity - sourced from the rouged terrain and unique sociocultural reality of the area, accessing this mezcal is a treasure hunt in itself! We have a very limited supply. Do not sleep on this one.

The maestro Mezcalero, Israel Rios, is a direct family member of the legendary Don Beto, Master Distiller behind the delightful green expression of La Venenosa. Not only do they share a strong family bond, but they also embrace the rare and amazing tree trunk distillation process, which adds a touch of Funk & magic to each bottle.


Our story with Derrumbes starts in a taxi on our way to Santa Catarina Minas to meet Graciela, but this is not her story. Javier, the lovely man that drives the taxi, is actually not a taxi driver at all, but a maestro mezcalero using his dad’s old cab for tax reasons. It was really nice of Javier to offer to drive us to a different distillery than his own, just because he is a really good man. Javier produces a mezcal called Los Javis, that is his thing. On the side he produces a few special batches for Esteban, the man behind the brand Derrumbes. Esteban is expanding the brand slowly but surely and will release Mezcals from producers of his liking and from different states in Mexico. Everything about these Mezcals is anything but usual.


Brand: Derrumbes Mezcal
NOM: n/a
Mezcalero: Israel Rios Bucio
Maguey: Penca Ancha
Agave: Cupreata
Grind: Mechanical 
Style: Aged in glass, joven 60+ days
State: Guerrero
Town: Coyuca de Catalán
ABV: 45.6%
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