Del Maguey Mezcal, Madrecuixe Lote: MAD 151 (47%, 70cl)

Del Maguey Mezcal, Madrecuixe Lote: MAD 151 (47%, 70cl)

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Del Maguey and its founder Ron Cooper is one of the pioneers of the Mezcal industry. In the mid 90’s Ron was smuggling Mezcal across the border to the US and served it only to friends and family at the beginning. Rather soon the demand exceeded the supply and he decided to do it legally. For many years to come Mezcal remained pretty much unheard of, but the few people that got bitten became preachers, and there is a saying “You don’t choose Mezcal, Mezcal chooses You”, and now You are here.
Del Maguey works with different producers as a collective to showcase the vast variety of flavour within Mezcal and they all stay within the parameters of ancestral or artisanal Mezcal. They also have a range of wild maguey from different producers, these are limited to small batches and unfortunately we don’t get to see too much of it here in Denmark.

Maguey: 100% Madrecuixe, Agave Karwinskii
Mezcalero: Paciano Cruz Nolasco
Location: San Luis del Rio, Tlacolula, Oaxaca
Elevation: Roughly 900 meters
Production Date: 01/15
Batch Size: ?
Oven: conical oven underground, fired by wood. Cooking time 4-5 days
Milling: Chilean mill pulled by a horse
Fermentation: Natural fermentation in 1400L Wooden Vats for 6-8 days
Destillation: Doube distilled in 350L Copper Pots
Mixability: We wounldn't
Notes: Madrecuixe is something special, it is packed with energy!

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