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Mezcal Vago, Ensamble en Barro, Sola de Vega (49.9%, 70cl)

Mezcal Vago, Ensamble en Barro, Sola de Vega (49.9%, 70cl)

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83% Espadin, 4% Coyote, 4% Sierrudo, 3% Arroqueno, 3% Blanco, 2% Mexicano, 1% Barril

Mezcal Vago is a true love story about Judah Kuper, an American surfer on the hunt for the perfect wave and how he came to meet his future wife who’s family are Mezcal Producers. You can read the lovely story on their official website. It is also yet another proof that you have no say in your destiny with Mezcal when Mayahuel puts her forces and power in the look for new preachers.
Our first encounter with Judah was on an internet forum sometime in 2013 while planning a trip to Oaxaca. We met up in his bodega, a tiny little garage where he bottled, labeled and packaged everything for export. But more than that, he had a kick ass mezcal collection he gladly shared. We were getting deeper into Mezcal, definitely no turning back now.

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