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Cimarron, Tequila, Reposado (40%, 100cl)

Cimarron, Tequila, Reposado (40%, 100cl)

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Straight from Enrique Fonseca's distillery, the mastermind behind the renowned K&L Fuenteseca.

Aged for 3-6 months in French and American oak, this reposado is structured, complex, and versatile - perfect for your go-to well spirit or a fancy cocktail, and equally enjoyable for sipping.

Thanks to the high elevation (1400m), complete control over cultivation, use of specialized yeast, and agave with a surprisingly high sugar content, followed by a slow distillation process, this tequila boasts a bold and lively character. After one sip of this gem, you'll probably ask, "How is it so affordable?" We have no clue, but we're definitely thankful we stumbled upon this gem.

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