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Campanilla, Destilado de Agave Salmiana, Maguey Cuerno (50%, 50cl)

Campanilla, Destilado de Agave Salmiana, Maguey Cuerno (50%, 50cl)

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Campanilla is a rare mezcal that emerges from San Luis Potosí, a state that is known as the belly button of Mexico. 

It holds a unique way of cooking, milling and foremost distilling (prehispanic internal distillation), making it an invaluable cultural heritage to their state and for all agave aficionados.
The agave used for this mezcal is of great longevity and the harvest is wild.


Production yields are very low, making this a limited batch.

This mezcal made by Manuel Navarro, with immense passion and hard labor, unbelievably rooted in tradition, is a must in your collection.

Maguey: A.Salmiana, ssp.Crassispina (maguey Cuerno)
Destiladores: Manuel Navarro
Location: San Luis Potosí
Elevation: 1800
Production Date:
Batch Size: 100L
Oven: Stone dome chamber, fire fed for 12-14 hours, sealed for 48 hours
Milling: Chilean mill pulled by donkey, hammock squeezed fiber
Fermentation: Stone pool fermentation with pulque as starter
Destillation: Double internal distillation in clay pots (campanilla) 
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