Alipus Mezcal San Miguel, Tio Jesus (47.5%, 70cl)

Alipus Mezcal San Miguel, Tio Jesus (47.5%, 70cl)

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Mezcal Alipus is a brand that showcases diversity in terroir rather than agave variety. They work together with a collective of Mezcaleros to produce fine artisanal mezcals that showcase their surroundings. Very high quality throughout the range, and a real bang-for-the-buck mezcal.

Our first encounter with Alipus was in a garage in Guadalajara a hot day in 2010. We ran in to Esteban Morales who at the time distributed Alipus locally, which resulted in the first bottles of Alipus in Denmark. A few years later, we find ourselves on dirt-road in the back of a truck in Oaxaca, on the way to visit Eduardo Hernández, the producer at Santa Ana del Rio. Needless to say it was a town attraction when two white guys have to drop all their clothes to cross a river in a attempt to visit one of our favourite producers. Today one of the copper pots in Santa Ana carries a plate with “From Denmark With Love” on it after a fundraising made in Copenhagen to buy a new still for the family.

Maguey: 80% Espadin, Agave Angustifolia Haw and 20% Arroqueño, Agave Americana
Mezcalero: Jesús Ríos
Location: Sola de Vega
Elevation: Roughly 1600m
Production Date: 01/15
Batch Size: 618 bottles
Oven: Conical oven underground, fired by wood
Milling: Milled by hand with mallets
Fermentation: Natural fermentation in wooden vats
Destillation: Doube distilled in 50L clay pots

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