Alipus Mezcal Santa Ana De Rio Lote: Sar 02/15 (47.4%, 70cl)

Alipus Mezcal Santa Ana De Rio Lote: Sar 02/15 (47.4%, 70cl)

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From the producer:

Founded in 1999, Alipús started out as an alternative project supported by Los Danzantes Distillery. The idea was to create a map of Oaxacan mezcals showing how the conditions where each is produced differentiates the final product, with distinct soils, waters and climates having a singular influence on the land where each mezcal is grown.

Alipús seeks to promote and develop awareness about traditional mezcal producers in Oaxaca – in particular about their knowledge and high-quality products. Current distribution and branding efforts have resulted in superlative reviews and increased economic development for traditional mezcal farmers where before there was very little.


Current producers: Hernández Melchor family.


  • Master mezcaleros: Hernández Melchor family.

  • Soil: Santa Ana del Río, Tlacolula, Oaxaca. This soil has varying characteristics. Its color and consistency vary from one spot to the next. High calcium content makes it useful for agriculture when fertilized regularly.

  • Palenque elevation: 1,036 MASL.

  • Altitude at which the maguey is planted: 1,350 to 1,500 MASL.


  • Color: Clear.

  • Aroma: Pineapple, tamarind, nanche, jocote, toasted pumpkin seeds, and light smoky notes.

  • Palate: Herbal and mineral flavors such as menthol. Strong acidity with full, lingering flavor.

  • Pairing: Charbroiled fish, Biscayan style cod, meatballs in green salsa, molotes and cerdo al pibil (slow-roasted pork).