Aguerrido, Don Antonio, 100% Destilado de Agave, Cupreata / Joven (49.7%, 50cl)

Aguerrido, Don Antonio, 100% Destilado de Agave, Cupreata / Joven (49.7%, 50cl)

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Aguerrido is a brand that comes from the heart of the state of Guerrero, one of the least represented mezcal producing states due to the difficulties with narco-trafickers in the area. Here we have a collective of well-known and seasoned maestros mezcaleros, with different expressions that each will take you on a wonderful journey. 

Don Antonio is a maestro that conveys joy and deep knowledge for his craft.

He produces in a sort of mini valley where a lot of crops are grown. Sheep, & chicken roam around. His backyard was packed with cabbages when we came to visit.
His taberna had a special vibe, one where a lot of great mezcal sessions have been held.

Maguey: A.Cupreata (Papalote), wild 8-14 years,  Ash soil
Mezcaler@s: Don Antonio Sonido
Location: Pantitlan, Guerrero
Elevation: 1830
Production Date: 2021
Batch Size: 200L
Oven: Conical underground, with stone, cooked for 8 days w/white & yellow oak + tepehuaje
Milling: Mechanical grinder
Fermentation: Ayacahuite wood vat for 6 days
Destillation: Double distillation copper alembic

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