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Frederiksdal, Rancio, Organic Cherry Wine, Lot-19-11, Denmark (15%, 50cl)

Frederiksdal, Rancio, Organic Cherry Wine, Lot-19-11, Denmark (15%, 50cl)

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Frederiksdal's 'signature wine', which has got its flavor from the Lolland sun, heat - and cold.

VINIFICATION: After fermentation in steel tanks, the wine is decanted into small 25 liter glass balloons and left outside in the sun for approximately two years at their Rancio site. – a method that has been used in Madeira, Porto and in Banyuls and Maury for centuries.

The sun, rain, cold and heat add a whole special flavour profile with notes of orange peel, figs, prunes, nuts and caramel.

The wine is then stored inside the winery in old Cognac casks according to the Solera principle. The Solera system for the Rancio consists of around 50 barrels.

The youngest wine quickly takes on the flavour of the older wine, which means that the Rancio develops into an even deeper and more complex wine.

USE: Perfect for the richest cheeses, foie gras, fried bird's liver, mushrooms, chocolate, desserts with nuts, figs, prunes - or alone.

ABOUT FREDERIKSDAL: Harald had beautiful cherry plantations from a unique corner of Denmark. And Jan and Morten had knowledge and ideas for making a dessert wine. Common was the desire to move Danish agriculture away from bulk production – and into a universe where quality was the most important parameter.
Frederiksdal's location on the westernmost tip of Lolland, right next to the Langelandsbelt, is ideal for cherry production. The climate is perfect. According to DMI, Frederiksdal is the driest place in Denmark - and among the warmest and sunniest. The most optimal conditions for ripening the 'Northern grape' - the small black cherries.
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