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Picaflor, Espadin, Mezcal Ancestral, Oaxaca (48%, 70cl)

Picaflor, Espadin, Mezcal Ancestral, Oaxaca (48%, 70cl)

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Picaflor Espadin, Destilado en Ollas de Barro, Mezcal Ancestral is the latest expression of our beloved Picaflor.

Clay pot still. Fresh aromas, spicy and soft smoke. Robust body and with citric, woody and earthy hints. 

Maguey: 100% Espadin (Agave angustifolia)
Mezcalero: Alberto Vasquez
Location: Sola de Vega, Oaxaca
Elevation: Roughly 1440 meters
Production Date: 2022
Oven: Conical oven underground, fired by wood. Cooking time 4-5 days
Milling: Chilean mill pulled by a horse
Fermentation: Natural fermentation in Wooden Vats
Destillation: Clay pot still
Mixability: drink neat
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