Mezcal Real Minero Joven, Tripon

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Real Minero is located in the magical town of Santa Catarina Minas. There is something about this place and the Mezcal they produce. For quite a while many of our favourite Mezcals always traced back to this town. We finally got to visit the Palenque in 2013 and met Graciela Angeles, the woman that runs the show. Her attention to detail is quite particular and she runs the distillery like a boss. It is a good place for the workers, clean, sober and every step of production is in a different room.
On a busy booze convention in Berlin late 2011 we accidentally walk into each other, I look up and see a skinny german dude in a track-suite, at the same time we say “Are you the…?” We had heard of each other but never met before. Axel Huhn, was his name, and this was the beginning of a great friendship. By a chance he carried a sample kit of some Mezcal he was importing. Well not really by a chance, because as explained before the goddess of the agave has her good say in how people meet.
Back in Denmark the samples of Real Minero blew our minds, and this is the reason why we have such a beautiful variety of Mezcal available in Denmark today. These were the samples that helped convince the distributor that Mezcal was something else. It was such a great feeling to blow the minds of some hard core whisky nerds.


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