Ocho Tequila Anejo, 100% Puro De Agave, 2014 "La Magueyera" (40%, 70cl)

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This tequila is the dreamchild of Tomas Estes, Tequila ambassador, educational speaker, restauranteur and habitual bar hopper. Tomas releases individual batches of tequila based on individual plots of agave. The methodology and processes stay consistent which presents the unique flavours that come with agave grown in different soil profiles, aspects and microclimates. The tequilas are given names according to the estate in which the agave was grown.
Master Distiller: Carlos Camarena
Location: Arandas, Jalisco
Nom: 1139
Elevation: ~ 1600m
Batch: La Magueyera
Oven: Stone/brick, steam 36 hours
Milling: Shredder/roller
Fermentation: Open wooden vats, 7-10 days
Distillation: Copper alembics, double distilled