Frederiksberg Distilleri Sloe Gin (30%, 50cl)

Frederiksberg Distilleri Sloe Gin (30%, 50cl)

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Ferderiksberg Sloe Gin is made from a base of Frederiksberg London Dry Gin and sloe berries from Frederiksberg, picked by the distiller and his son in late September, before the frost and the birds got to them. The sloe berries were soaked in the gin for 6 months, then filtered and only a bit of sugar was added before bottling.


  • Sloe Gin at 30% ABV

  • Frederiksberg London Dry Gin base

  • Organically grown sloe berries from Frederiksberg

About Sloe Gin

Sloe gin is not a gin but a liqueur. Gin is defined by EU laws as a clear spirit at minimum 37,5% ABV and the predominant flavour must be juniper. Sloe Gin is in general at a strength at 30% ABV, the sugar content of around 10% and the predominent flavor comes from the
sloe berries.

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