Bosscal Mezcal, Durango (42%, 70cl)

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Bosscal is fairly new to the European market, and one of few from the state of Durango in the north/central part of Mexico. they have a quite different climate and different types of agave to work with, so needless to say the Mezcal they make tastes different. A lot more rain fall and the temperature drop is quite extreme all year around, with differences of up to 25 degrees Celsius in the summer.

Maguey: 100% Wild Cenizo, Duranguense
Mezcalero: Uriel Simental Enriquez, 4th generation
Location: Nombre de Dios, Durango Mexico
Elevation: Roughly 1750 meters
Production Date: ?
Batch Size: 600L on average, 16-18kg Agave per liter
Oven: conical oven underground, fired by wood. Cooking time 4-5 days
Milling: With axes by hand
Fermentation: Underground wooden vats, 1-2 days
Destillation: 200L wooden still
Mixability: Medium
Notes: Maguey Tobala is a real gem in the world of maguey, is said to bring out the dreamer in you.