Bad Mouth, Rosé Vermouth, Denmark (16%, 70cl)

Bad Mouth, Rosé Vermouth, Denmark (16%, 70cl)

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Bad Mouth Rose Vermouth 16%

Made from Grand Wine's fresh blackcurrant rosé, which provides a long-awaited counterpoint to the traditional heaviness and bitterness of Vermouth. With an ingredient list of over 16 different herbs and spices, you can prepare for a taste note kaleidoscope with a surprise for each year. Herbs and spices include ( Elderflower, lavender, chamomile, galican root, raspberry leaves, angelica, wormwood, glogg mix.)

Tasting Notes:

View: Red amber

Nose: spring with floral notes such as chamomile and lavender. 

Taste: deep sweetness of the blackcurrants, which connects all this astonishing concoction. At the back of the palate, the classic bitterness of vermouth lands almost predictably with a slight twist.

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