Prescription Mezcal

Prescription Mezcal (PM) is in its beta phase right now. We will only open up for 14 members at the time while we get our logistics up and running. First shipment will be delivered during the second week of June, and we’ll throw in a little bonus for the first supporting members.

Every month we will select one batch we thought was outstanding for one reason or another. We will bottle it in 200ml portions, seal them properly and send them of to you, one at a time, once a month.

This way you will be able to taste a range of hard to find Mezcals without spending a fortune. And we will get the geeky challenge of tasting through our collection and scribbling down a bunch of great information for you.

This is an idea that has been in the making for a few years, we just never got around to it. Until now.
Prescription Mezcal is simply put mail order Mezcal.

Looking forward to prescribing some of the best we have to offer.