La Higuera Sotol (48%, 70cl)

La Higuera Sotol (48%, 70cl)

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The bastard spirit of the agave world. A bit harsh maybe, but... In 2009 the taxonomy of the agave was changed and the family of Agaveceae was split up due to leaf shapes and thorn presence  as well as inflorescence types etc, and was recognised under a separate group, Nolinaceae, and the Agaveceae was no longer regonised as a family, but grouped into a more inclusive family, Asparagceae, though both are in Asparagales.  So, simply put, it was an agave spirit, not it is Sotol, and it tastes absolutely yummy.

Maguey: 100% Dasylirion Wheeleri
Mezcalero: : Manuel Méndez
Location: Janos, Chihuahua
Elevation: Roughly 1400 meters
Production Date: 04/2016
Batch Size: 600 bottles
Oven: Conical oven underground, fired by wood
Milling: By hand with mallets
Fermentation: Natural fermentation in 1000L pine vats
Destillation: Double distilled in Arabic Copper Pots
Mixability: Medium
Notes: If you are into agave spirits, we are possitive that this is something for you. Even though it is not techincally agave.


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